To Our Shareholders and Investors

Geniee’s Aspirations

Geniee was established in April 2010 with the aspiration to “Ad-venture the Future.”
Since around 2005 when I was still a gradual school research student, there was a sense that North American technology companies were changing the world while Japanese companies were facing their downfall. At the same time, through my research I could see that the average level of Japanese technology was very high. I came to feel that the proper application of technology Japan could give birth to a global technology company.
Geniee uses new technology known as Real-Time Bidding (RTB) to provide ad referral platforms to the online advertising industries of Japan and Asia. RTB is a technology that allows companies to distribute ads to the appropriate users based on the appropriate timing. GenieeSSP, an RTB-based ad distribution system for online media, secured the No. 1 market share in Japan in just the sixth year since our founding. Today in 2021 we now offer our platforms throughout Asia with offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Geniee handles several hundred thousand requests per second and data volume surpassing 15 terabytes per day, among the highest on the Japanese market. Through our advanced technology, we provide world-class ad distribution systems.

Customer-first, employee-focused

The high growth rate Geniee has achieved thus far is due to our high rate of repeat customers. Embracing a corporate vision of maximizing customer profits through advanced technology, Geniee approaches business planning and product development from the perspective of how new technology can produce profits for our customers. Geniee is committed to putting for the maximum effort towards ensuring that our products and services represent the best cost performance in all of Asia.
As a company in the rapidly changing technology industry, we believe that continuously maximizing the creativity and commitment of our employees is vital to the development of competitive products and services. We constantly provide our employees with opportunities for challenges and learning while also maintaining an appealing workplace environment to promote high productivity and capital efficiency.

Less than 1 percent

Through numerous challenges and failures, about eight years have passed since our founding. However, Geniee has yet to fulfill even 1% of our vision. It feels like we are finally standing at the start line. Our excitement about what the future hold is as strong today as it was on the first day of our founding. Our consolidated net sales for FY2020 were 14.0 billion yen but the scale of the advertising market in Japan alone is over 6 trillion yen. Also, Geniee is not simply targeting the advertising market. Our work is related to the technologies involved in big data, AI, and IoT. These technologies are still in their infancy but we believe they will bring about dramatic changes to our society. Geniee is just getting started on what promises to be a long corporate history as we aim to achieve the remaining 99% of our goals.

Improving our medium- and long-term corporate value

Geniee places priority focus on increasing our medium- and long-term corporate value. Since our founding, we have implemented strategies and conducted development in response to short-term business conditions at times. However, we have since learned that the majority of such moves do not result in medium- to long-term profits. In fact, while we have achieved significant success thus far, it is the projects producing long-term profits that require the courage to bet on dynamic visions and an unwavering dedication to fundamental initiatives. Geniee believes that we can maximize our medium- to long-term value through such strong persistence and a commitment to taking the healthy risks befitting of a growing company.
For the time being, we will continue our focus on securing market share in Asia. As a platform company, we are confident that the merits of scale, including customer numbers and data volume, will lead to the medium- to long-term growth of our corporate value.
Amid such an environment, Geniee has applied its technology development and business promotion capabilities towards expanding our business domains and service provision areas.

From ad technology to marketing technology
From Japan to Asia, and onto global markets
Our challenge is just beginning.
We ask for your continued guidance and support.

Geniee, Inc. Tomoaki Kudo, President and CEO
Geniee, Inc.
Tomoaki Kudo, President and CEO
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