Ad Exchange
A market for selling ad slots based on impressions (displaying an ad) across multiple online media and ad networks.
Ad Networks
A framework for the centralized management of ad sales and distribution by gathering advertisement slots for online media, etc. and creating an ad distribution network.
Advertisers and ad agencies are able to participate in this network and conduct batch large-volume listings to media in categories that match their target audience. This has the merit of reducing the distribution and management work involved in publishing ads individually to specific media.
Ad Platform Business
Currently our core business. Includes GENIEE SSP, GENIEE DSP, etc.
Ad Technology
Provides merits to advertisers, online media, and internet users by using technology to stream and distribute online ads.
Contributes to revenue growth and increasing product and service recognition by providing advertisers with highly cost effective ad listings. Online media sees revenue growth by displaying high-rate ads that are matched to the company's media. The use of advanced targeting technology helps internet users acquire information that meets their needs and interests.
Refers to customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA). Since 2018, Geniee has offered the CRM/SFA system GENIEE SFA/CRM, a cloud-based system that provides an integrated solution for customer management, negotiation management, and data analysis. GENIEE SFA/CRM features a screen design that is highly intuitive, organized, and customizable. One of the key features of GENIEE SFA/CRM is the ability to visualize customer and sales information in real-time. Regardless of time, place, or device, GENIEE SFA/CRM enables all users to ascertain information data, promoting improved productivity and work efficiency. Using GENIEE SFA/CRM in combination with our marketing automation GENIEE MA can lead to improved closing rates and enable users to screen high potential leads. The efficient linking of marketing and sales can maximize opportunities.
Data Management Platform. A platform for gathering, analyzing, and utilizing data.
GENIEE DMP combines two types of data - 1) private data accumulated by advertisers and online media, including customer information, sales and purchasing information, and the user's history of accessing the company's website, and 2) public data, including data on user preferences and interests stored on the internet - for analysis and use. Advertisers are able to ascertain user status and distribute appropriate ads based on the optimal timing. Online media is able to secure new revenue sources by monetizing data.
Demand Side Platform. A platform for buying ads to maximize advertiser revenues.
GENIEE DSP is connected to GENIEE SSP, etc., which enables distribution to slots selected based on the advertisers needs. Ad slots are selected based on internet user data such as past behavior history, purchasing history, location information. This ensures the selection of slots for user groups assumed to be potential customers for the advertisers.
GAURL is a proprietary technology development by Geniee for the automated analysis of site content keywords on a URL basis. This technology promotes the stable management of Google AdSense in compliance with the ad distribution policies outlined by Google.
Google Certified Publishing Partner
As a certified Google Media Solutions Partner, we are able to provide Google online media ad distribution services such as Google AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. As one of the few companies in Japan and one of only a few dozen companies internationally to achieve this certification, we provide services to online media in Japan and around the world.


Managed Ads
A type of advertising for which ad optimization is supported automatically or immediately via a platform that processes vast amounts of data.
Marketing Automation
GENIEE MA is a platform for purchasing and contracts that automates business marketing activities, enables efficient gathering of latent customers and increases purchasing desire. As a marketing automation platform developed in-house by Geniee, GENIEE MA can be linked with GENIEE DMP to enable high-precision user targeting using big data. The system makes marketing activities effective and easy by providing functions such as e-mail distribution, app push notifications, and LINE-based message distribution and auto-messaging response. Using the attribution function for accurate efficacy analysis and assessments of multiple ads promotes ad distribution optimization.
Marketing SaaS Business
Relatively new business. Includes GENIEE MA, GENIEE SFA/CRM, etc.


OEM Provision
Short for Original Equipment Manufacturer. For Geniee, this refers to providing development services for SSP, DSP, etc. under the name of another company's brand (client).
Short for Out of Home, which refers to ad media consumers encounter outside the home such as transportation ads and outdoor billboard ads.
In 2019, Geniee launched an ad distribution platform for taxi dispatch services as we work towards establishing businesses in the digital OOH domain.
RTB (Real-Time Bidding) is a technology for conducting transactions for online ad slots in real time. This framework uses an auction format for each ad impression to enable the distribution of the highest-rate ads.
Advertisers want to focus on their target users based on the lowest ad budget possible. Online media wants to sell their ad slots at the highest rates possible. To address these conflicting needs, RTB uses an auction format to buy and sell ad slots in real time, promoting optimized ad distribution for each ad slot based on user attributes, behavior history, and other data.
SSP providers use RTB to provide online media a platform for maximizing ad revenue. Online media adopt SSP to enable automated ad bidding in an auction format for their ad slots, which leads to the placement of higher-priced ads, and promotes the maximization of ad revenue.
DSP providers promote transaction platforms to the parties who purchase ad slots, such as advertisers and ad agencies.
By connecting SSP providers and DSP providers, the bid requests (conditions such as ad distribution audience, listing position, distribution location) offered by SSP providers are responded to by multiple DSP providers, resulting in the ads of the highest-bidding DSP being displayed.
Short for Supply-Side Platform. A platform for maximizing ad revenue for online media, etc. A framework that uses an RTB-based auction format to achieve the optimal distribution of ads to users viewing ad slots on internet sites and apps. Distributed ads are selected based on data related to user attributes and behavior history to ensure the distribution of optimal, highly profitable ads. On average, ads are selected, distributed, and displayed in less than 0.1 seconds from the time the user accesses the website.
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