Our Group maximizes ad revenue and efficacy for online media and advertisers by providing platforms that use ad technology to instantaneously select and display user-specific ads on websites and smartphone apps.

Framework of RTB-based online ad distribution

Framework of RTB-based online ad distribution

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is a framework for distributing the ads with the highest unit price via an auction for each ad. This technology enables transactions for online ad slots in real time. Ads are displayed in an average of less than 0.1 seconds from the time the user accesses the website.

Overview of major services

Overview of major services

Note: Arrows in diagram represent service provision flow (request, ad distribution, etc.)


GenieeSSP is a platform for maximizing ad revenue for online media, etc.
RTB technology is used to distribute optimal ads selected via an auction format for each user to ad slots on websites and apps.
GenieeSSP is linked to systems in Japan and overseas, including DSP and ad networks. With a large number of ad transaction (auction) participants, we use a proprietary ad distribution optimization algorithm to achieve more effective ad distribution.

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GenieeDSP is an ad purchasing platform for maximizing advertiser profit.
By connecting this platform with GenieeSSP including others, we are able to distribute ads to slots selected based on advertiser needs. Ad slots are selected based on data on internet users past behavior history, purchasing history, positioning information, and more. This promotes the selection of user groups assumed to be the most ideal as the advertiser’s target audience.

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GenieeDMP is a platform for storing, analyzing, and utilizing data.
This platform can merge the private data gathered by advertisers and online media, including customer information, sales and purchasing information, and history of accessing our website, with public data gathered on the internet, including data on user interests and concerns. The platform then analyzes and utilizes this data.

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MAJIN is a platform for automating corporate marketing activities, efficiently targeting latent customers, driving purchasing interest, and executing purchasing transactions and contracts.
By linking with GenieeDMP, MAJIN enables high-precision user targeting through the use of big data. Furthermore, MAJIN enables efficient and easy marketing activities through the use of email distribution, app push notifications, and message distribution and automated message response via the LINE app.

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Not only does our Group offer these ad distribution and marketing automation platforms under the Geniee brand, we also provide OEM development to over 80 companies in Japan and overseas. (OEM stands for original equipment manufacturing, and here refers to providing SSP and DSP development services for other company brands.)

As a certified Google Media Solutions Partner, Geniee also offers the ad distribution services Google AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange for online media.
Our Group provides GAURL, our proprietary development technology, to help customers achieve stable management of Google AdSense in accordance with the rules outlined by Google.

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