Q.01 When does your accounting period end?
Our accounting year closes at the end of March.
Q.02 When is your next earnings announcement?
Check our IR calendar for information on our earnings announcement schedule.
Q.03 Tell me about past earnings transitions.
See our earnings highlights for information on past earnings.
Q.04 Where can I obtain your latest financial information?
The latest earnings information is available from the top page of our website.
Q.05 Tell me about your earnings forecast.
The forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019 announced on May 11, 2018 is as follows.
・Net sales ¥20,054 million(+39.4% YoY)
・Operating income ¥729 million(+38.2% YoY)
・Ordinary income ¥712 million(+52.5% YoY)
・Net income ¥505 million(+699.3% YoY)
・EPS ¥30.68
Q.06 Do sales fluctuate seasonally?
Advertisers tend to use a larger percentage of advertising budgets in March and December. As such, our income tends to increase during the same periods.
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