Q.01 What is your securities code?
Q.02 What is your stock listing date?
On December 18, 2017.
Q.03 On what stock exchange are you listed?
We are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Index.
Q.04 What is the purpose of listing your stock?
There are two main reasons for going public.
The first is to increase brand awareness and credibility. To achieve further business expansion, we will need to expand sales to a broader range of businesses and hire elite human resources. Geniee has achieved a certain level of recognition in the online advertisement industry but this is still very limited. As such, listing our stock increases our brand recognition and elevates our credibility, which will help accelerate our business growth.
The second goal is the diversification of capital procurement means for medium- to long-term business expansion. Being able to secure the capital required for business expansion through capital markets and using that capital to expand existing businesses, develop new businesses, and conduct M&A will enable us to increase our corporate value.
Q.05 Tell me about your policies on shareholder returns (dividend policy).
We view shareholder returns as a core management goal and determine policies on income returns by giving due consideration to our financial status, management performance, and status of cash flow.
At present we are in a growth stage, and we believe that working to increase our corporate value by enhancing internal retention and applying capital towards investments to expand business will lead to the greatest income returns for our shareholders.
Q.06 Do you have a shareholder benefits plan?
Q.07 What is your shareholder composition?
See our shareholder composition page for information on our shareholder composition.
Q.08 Who is the administrator of your shareholder ledger?
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited. See our basic stock information for details.
Q.09 Tell me about your IR activity schedule.
Check our IR calendar for our IR schedule.
Q.10 When is your General Meeting of Shareholders?
Our regular General Meeting of Shareholders is held each year in late June.
Q.11 By when do you have to become a shareholder to exercise voting rights
at the General Meeting of Shareholders?
To exercise voting rights, shareholders must be registered in the shareholder register by the last day of March (date of reference). To be registered in the shareholder register by the last day of March, a shareholder agreement must be finalized by the final day of rights allotment (two business days prior to the final business day of March). For details, inquire with your securities firm.
Q.12 Do you have a quiet period?
We set the period between the day after the final day of each accounting period and the day prior to earnings announcement as our quiet period. During this period, we cannot respond to any inquiries regarding earnings. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
Q.13 Tell me about the status of your initiatives related to corporate governance.
See our corporate governance page for information on our corporate governance initiatives.
Q.14 How do I send inquiries to your IR representative?
Check our investor information page for details. For inquiries not covered by this page, we accept questions via our inquiry form.
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