Our Group excels in technology development and business promotion. Geniee applies these strengths to grow our net sales.


Technology development



Business promotion




Each year since 2013, Geniee has ranked high in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Japan Award, a ranking of growth rates based on revenues (net sales) in the technology, media, and telecommunications industries published annually by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC.

the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Japan Award

the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Japan Award

Technology developmentTechnology development
Proprietary development of all products

All our Group’s products, including GenieeSSP, GenieeDSP, GenieeDMP, and MAJIN, are developed and offered internally. This enables timely responses to customer demands and evolutions in technology.

OEM provision to companies in Japan and overseas

Not only does our Group provide proprietary ad distribution platforms under the Geniee brand, we also provide OEM development to companies in Japan and overseas. (OEM stands for original equipment manufacturing, and here refers to providing SSP and DSP development services for other company brands.)

Big data processing technology and AI utilization

Our Group ad platforms process several million bids (ad distribution orders) per second and our daily data processing volume is nearly 15 terabytes. To process this massive data at ultra-high speeds, our system platform is fully handmade.
We use big data and AI (artificial intelligence) to increase ad distribution precision and advance automation.

Technology research through industry-academic partnerships

We partner with university research facilities involved in ad technology to conduct collaborative research related to online ad distribution and data analysis. We also conduct new technology research and development based on visiting technology consultants, half of whom are largely engineers with advanced degrees in (Ph. D./Masters) in computer science.

  • OEM provision concept

    OEM provision concept

  • Big data/AI utilization concept

    Big data/AI utilization concept

Business promotionBusiness promotion
Balanced personnel structure

Geniee is comprised of approximately one-half product development engineers and one-half sales and support staff. Staff work together to promote business expansion.

Partnerships with talented companies in Japan and overseas

We provide OEM services and have data partnerships through capital alliances with communications carriers and top companies in Japan and overseas, including the Softbank Group.

  • Parent business-specific employee composition

    Parent business-specific employee composition

  • Japanese and oversea partners (excerpt)

    Japanese and oversea partners (excerpt)

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