Ad-venture the Future

At Geniee, our mission is to apply proprietary technology grounded Japan’s superior technological capabilities to change the advertising industry and user information environments.
Currently, the majority of IT industry technology and services are coming out of the USA. However, those solutions are not necessarily best for companies and people in Japan and other countries in Asia.
Geniee strives to maximize customer income and change the world through technology created in Japan.

Commitment to changing the world

Changing the world requires that each individual embrace the spirit of a genie and achieve continuous change by improving individual talents and understanding.
The collection of a strong wills dedicated to change can transcend any hurdle and produce the kind of magic that can change the world.
As an industry-leading company striving to change the world, we at Geniee must constantly strive to change ourselves and achieve continuous growth.

About Logo

The color of the round symbol mark is lapis lazuli, a traditional Japanese color. This symbol mark represents the Earth (world) and the spirit of the genie. The soaring yet simple typeface represents growth and strength.
The letter “I” in GENIEE represents the number “1”. Collectively, this logo expresses our strong desire for Geniee to grow into a world No. 1 company founded in Japan.

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