Achieve both stable management and
revenue maximization for Google AdSense
using Geniee’s proprietary technology.
Google AdSense is a free service that displays ads based on site content
and user interests to provide a new revenue source for website management.
Geniee is a Google channel partner


Geniee’s proprietary technology GAURL enables policy-safe AdSense distribution
GAURL is our proprietary technology that conducts URL-specific analysis of site content keywords to enable policy-safe AdSense distribution.
GAURL enables both stable management of AdSense accounts and revenue maximization. Also, our Support Desk response immediately in the unlikely event that an account warning is received from Google.
Technology that automatically<br>analyzes ad destination content.
Technology that automatically
analyzes ad destination content.
Geniee analyzes your website and uses proprietary logic to determine whether or not the page conforms to the AdSense publishing policy.
Maximizes revenue through content-specific use.
Maximizes revenue
through content-specific use.
Managed distribution that uses AdSense on policy-safe pages and other ads from Geniee on non-safe pages to enable stable management of Google AdSense and the maximization of ad revenue.
Improved revenue by 120-180% on over 100 websites.

Improved revenue by 120-180% on over 100 websites.

Dedicated consultants propose revenue optimization using Google AdSense and other Google products.
Dedicated consultants with experience in monetizing over 5,000 media companies provide revenue improvement proposals covering ad placement location, number of slots, size, distribution settings, and new product introductions.
Support for pre-integration operations and management.

Support for pre-integration operations and management.

Full support from Google AdSense initial configuration through post-integration account management and policy responses.
New account creation, ad unit and block settings, post-integration revenue improvement proposals, and more. *We also provide support from recovery and restart after AdSense account shutdown. Consult us regarding your various needs.

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