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Optimization of ads from variety of source
If you are struglling to fill inventories with high quality ads,
Geniee's new advertising platform could solve issues immediatly.
Geniee provides a market place that will improve sales capabilities and offer scalabilities.
Pulbisher can offer sofisticated advertising products to clients globally via online market place.
Introduction & Operating cost ¥0

Geniee SSP

Geniee conduct real-time revenue evaluation of more than 150 network around the world
and always serve ads that deliver the highest revenue.
If you are having problems selling pure ads, you can develop completely new advertising products using user data from publishers.
Geniee provide a market place that will improve sales capabilities. You will be able to sell advertising products to clients all over the world through this online market place.

How SSP Works

What is GenieeSSP?
It is a platform developed by Geniee that maximizes the revenue of online publishers. It compares all available deals, such as pure ads, real time bids from demand side platforms and ad exchanges, ads from multiple ad networks and affiliate ads, and serves ads that maximize the revenue.
Real-Time Bidding
A mechanism for bidding in online ads, real time bidding is a way of deciding which ads to serve on the basis of competitive bidding for ad space for each ad impression.
Prospective bidders set criteria beforehand like the targeted user attributes, the media in which the ad will be displayed, the display criteria, the creative to be used and the bid price. When an impression is generated in the specified media, there is a call for bids with matching criteria and the ad from the advertiser with the highest bid is served.
Not only does this allow each impression of ad space to be traded, but auctioning the ad space to multiple advertisers also ensures that the space can be sold at a good price, which helps maximize the revenue of the publisher hosting the ad space.
Demand Side Platform
DSP (Demand Side Platform) is a platform that allows advertisers and advertising agencies to buy advertising inventory, serve ads and target the display destination and audience.

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