Representative Director and President / Tomoaki Kudo

Representative Director and President Tomoaki Kudo

Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University.
After graduating, joined Recruit Co., Ltd. (currently Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.).
Worked in ad network business promotions within the business development department. As the launching point for Recruit advertisements, helped build Japan’s largest area ad network.
April 2010 – Founded Geniee, assumed position of Representative Director and President.
August 2012 – Founded Geniee International Pte., Ltd., assumed position of Representative Director.

Director / Hiroshi Hirose

Director Hiroshi Hirose

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University, joined Recruit Media Communications Co., Ltd. (currently Recruit Communications Co., Ltd.) where he worked on area ad network business alliances. Involved in product development for Recruit ad networks and Recruit audience networks.
April 2011 - Joined Geniee, assumed position of director in October 2011.
Currently working as manager of the ad platform business division where he oversees the sales, operations, and business development departments for our main SSP and DSP businesses.

Director / Masahiro Endo

Director Masahiro Endo

After graduating from the Department of Economics, Undergraduate Program, Yokohama National University, worked at a securities firm where he was responsible for accounting and budget planning.
After working as finance manager for Livedoor Co., Ltd., joined GMO Internet Securities Co., Ltd. (currently GMO CLICK Securities, Inc.) where as a director he was responsible for management of the accounting and control division. After spending time as the CFO of a venture business, joined Geniee in June 2015 and assumed the position of director in January 2016.
Currently, as director of the control division Endo oversees accounting and finance, affiliate management, legal affairs and internal audits, and GA/HR.

Outside Director Michimasa Naka

1989 - Joined Solomon Brothers Asia Securities Co., Ltd. (currently Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc.).
After serving as Director and Deputy President of Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc., founded the independent securities firm StormHarbour Japan Ltd. in 2010.
November 2014 – Assumed position of director at Geniee.

Outside Director Daisuke Fujihira

1996 – Joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.
1999 – Joined Sony Corporation.
2004 – Joined Softbank BB Corp. (currently SoftBank Corp.)
2005 – IT Systems Division Manager at Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Marketing Co., Ltd. (currently Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS Corp.)
2008 – Director and COO of Softbank Gift Co., Ltd. (currently SB Gift Corp.)
2012 – Softbank Telecom Corp. (currently: SoftBank Corp.) Partner Sales Headquarters O2O Business Management Department, O2O Strategic Planning Department Manager
2014 – Softbank Telecom Corp. (currently SoftBank Corp.) New Business Sales Headquarters Digital Marketing Business Management Department Manager
2014 - Generate, Inc. Representative Director & CEO (current)
2014 - SB Gift Corp. Representative Director (current)
2015 - SoftBank Corp. Corporate Business Management, Corporate Business Development Headquarters, Digital Marketing Business Management Department Manager
2015 - SB Ad Corp. Director (current)
2016 - MicroAd, lnc. Director (current)
2017 - SoftBank Corp. Corporate Business Management, Corporate Business Strategic Headquarters, Digital Marketing Business Management Department Manager (current)

Auditing Officer Katsuyuki Toritani

1980 – Joined Seiko Epson
1990 – Joined Sanwa Research Institute (now Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting)
2003 – Joined Yahoo, became the lead auditor of the company's Internal Audit Division.
June 2017 - Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Geniee inc.

Auditing Officer Rie Aoki

1995 – Joined Ota Showa Audit Corporation (currently Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC)
After spending time at Daiwa Securities SB Capital Markets Co., Ltd. (currently Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.) in the IPO Underwriting Department, founded Aoki CPA in 2004.
November 2013 – Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Geniee inc.

Auditor Fumiaki Goto

1978 - Joined accounting office. After working as finance section manager at Rheon Automatic Machinery co., ltd. and control department manager at Allied Telesis K.K., achieved public listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers as the Director, Vice President, and CFO of GDH K.K. (currently GONZO K.K.).
September 2012 – Assumed position of Geniee Auditor

Auditor Nao Yoshizawa

2002 – Registered attorney at law. Joined Asahi Koma Law Office (currently Nishimura & Asahi LPC).
2009 – Founded Uruma & Yoshizawa Law Office (currently Uruma Law Offices Legal Professional Corporation), assumed position of deputy director (current).
June 2013 – Assumed position of Geniee auditor. Attorney, Patent Attorney, Certified Fraud Examiner.

Auditor Sachio Todoroki

1981 – Joined Nippon Long-Term Credit Bank, Ltd.
1998 – Joined Joined SOFTBANK CORP.
1999 – Joined Softbank Finance Co., Ltd. Appointed a corporate auditor of Yahoo Japan Corporation
2013 – Inaugurated as Managing Director of SBI Securities Co., Ltd.
June 2017 – Assumed position of Geniee Auditor

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