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2018.04.25Press Release

Concerning Takeover of Operations via Corporate Split Agreement (Simple Absorption Split) with Chikyu Inc.

The Geniee Board of Directors convened today and passed a resolution approving the takeover of development and sales operations for "Chikyu", the SME CRM (client relations management) and SFA (sales force administration) system operated by Chikyu Inc. We further concluded a split and absorption agreement through which Chikyu Inc. will conduct a company split (hereinafter, "Split") and Geniee will take over control of the aforementioned operations effective June 14, 2018.

Purpose of business succession

Since July 2016 when we launched the marketing automation tool MAJIN, Geniee has worked aggressively to expand our business domain into the marketing technology field. MAJIN has been well-received by a wide variety of companies, both BtoC and BtoB, for its intuitive user interface, functions, and low cost. As of the end of December 2017, we have accounts with over 650 companies. 

The SME cloud-based CRM/SFA system Chikyu is popular for its simple UI that provides turn-key usability immediately after integration as well as for being highly customizable and low cost. Chikyu is used by nearly 290 companies (as of end of March 2018) in IT and other industries.

In an age of concern about shrinking sales and labor shortages, many companies are looking to IT tools for marketing and sales support. This, however, creates its own unique problems: these tools only lead to the optimization of specific tasks, leaving companies with the need for comprehensive optimization that enables the broad application of data assets.

Amid such an environment, Geniee moved to take over control of the Chikyu business as a way to generate business synergy by further strengthening the link between Chikyu and MAJIN. Future system links made possible through this business takeover will enable the seamless integration of customer attributes, negotiation history, and other data stored on Chikyu into MAJIN and enable the centralized management of customer data by both marketing and sales staff.

Specifically, this enhanced system will allow sales staff to approach promising potential customers in an efficient manner and marketing staff will be able to apply the results of sales activities into their market strategies. The result is more strategic and efficient marketing activities for the user company.







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