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2018.11.14Press Release

Geniee and Telkom Group Sign Global Comprehensive Agreement

~Encouraging expansion of digital marketing platform in the Indonesian market~

Geniee International Pte. Ltd. (Headquartered in Singapore, Director: Tomoaki Kudo (hereinafter "GI")), a consolidated subsidiary of Geniee Corporation (Headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tomoaki Kudo , and PT Metra-Net (Headquartered in Jakarta Selatan, CEO: Widi Nugroho), a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia (Headquartered in Jakarta Selatan, Managing Director: Alex J. Sinaga), Indonesia's largest telecommunications operator, signed global comprehensive agreement in November 7th, 2018. Based on the agreement, we began offering a new digital marketing platform in the Indonesian market. This will enable advertisers and publishers to use high-end digital marketing solutions utilizing big data in Indonesia market.

GI is a consolidated subsidiary of Geniee, a Japanese marketing technology company. Geniee develops and provides technologies that solve various problems such as increasing profitability and productivity of companies, based on the mission of "Creating new value with technology and creating client success together"

PT Metra-Net is a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia, Indonesia's largest integrated telecommunications state enterprise. PT Telkom Indonesia offers information and communication technology services and telecommunications networks with 170 million users and boasts the top share in the Indonesian mobile phone market.

The background of this agreement is an increase in demand for Ad-Technology in Indonesia. Indonesia, the world's fourth largest population, boasts the penetration rate of mobile phones in Southeast Asia. In addition, it is expected to become the largest mobile ad spending market in Southeast Asia by 2021, and growth rate shows the third growth after Philippines and Vietnam (Source: eMarketer Sep 2017).

Given the signing of this agreement, GI can directly access Telkom Group's approximately 170 million customer base, Telkom Group can make effective use of customer assets using GI's digital Ad platform when offering digital marketing solution to advertisers and publishers in Southeast Asia.

Through this agreement, Geniee will respond to the resolution and needs of marketing challenges of a wide range of global companies more than ever.






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