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2017.01.11Press Release

Geniee Makes First Change to Corporate Logo since Founding

Achieving further strides as we aim to be Asia’s No. 1 technology company

Today, January 11, at 11:11am, GENIEE, Inc. (headquarters: Shinjuku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Tomoaki Kudo, hereinafter, “Geniee”) will introduce the first change to our corporate logo since our founding.

New Corporate Logo

1. Background of logo change

Rooted in our desire to create a global technology company founded in Japan, Geniee was founded in April 2010. Since then, we have developed and offered unique products that take advantage of innovative ad technology to achieve growth that has maintained pace with the speed of technological evolution.
Our mainstay product GenieeSSP(*1) grew to No. 1 in domestic net sales during fiscal 2016(*2) as we have gradually increased our market share in the DSP, DMP, and marketing automation segments. We also successfully expanded operations into the fast-growing Asian market and are pursuing projects in collaboration with major local corporations.
Moving forward, we will strive for the continued growth that will help us become the No. 1 technology in Asia as well. With this in mind, we have decided to update our corporate logo. Our new logo further expresses Geniee’s message and the strong dedication of each member of the Geniee team to all of our stakeholders. This new logo also embodies our commitment to earning the trust and expectations befitting of an industry leader.
Reflecting our commitment to being No. 1, we will change to the new logo today, January 11, at 11:11am.

2. Meaning embodied in the new logo

At Geniee, our slogan is “Ad-venture the Future”, which represents our mission to change the world through ad technology.
Changing the world requires that each team member continue to evolve by embracing the spirit of the genie(*3) that lies within us all to elevate our individual skills and potential. A collective group of constantly evolving individuals possessing powerful talents has the potential to overcome obstacles and conquer the world. As an industry leader committed to changing the world, Geniee will continue to evolve and grow.

Symbol mark and typeface
The color of the round symbol mark is lapis lazuli, a traditional Japanese color. This symbol mark represents the Earth (world) and the spirit of the genie. The soaring yet simple typeface represents growth and strength.
The letter “I” in GENIEE represents the number “1”. Collectively, this logo expresses our strong desire for Geniee to grow into a world No. 1 company founded in Japan.


*1: Support tool that maximizes ad sales and ad revenue for media that offer ads using SSP (Supply Side Platform) online advertisements.
*2: Source: “Current Conditions and Outlook for Internet Advertising Market – FY2016”, MIC Research Institute, Ltd.
*3: Geniee’s corporate name is a combination of the word genie and genius.







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