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2016.06.14Press Release

GENIEE: Investment in, and Business Cooperation with, “OOMPH”, the Largest Android Application Market in Indonesia

GENIEE, Inc. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tomoaki Kudo, hereafter “GENIEE”) announces that it has signed an investment agreement with PT. GALACTIC MULTIMEDIA (Headquarters: Jakarta, Indonesia, CEO: Arthur Chua, hereafter “GALACTIC MULTIMEDIA”), which provides Android application market media in Indonesia.

1. Investment Purpose

GALACTIC MULTIMEDIA provides Android application market services in the rapidly growing mobile internet market in Indonesia.

GENIEE, with this investment, is creating a cooperative system to accelerate the business growth of both companies in the various countries and regions of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.


GALACTIC MULTIMEDIA is a technology and media company that operates the “OOMPH” (http://oomph.co.id/) Android application market media in Indonesia.

GALACTIC MULTIMEDIA has over 8 million users in Indonesia and has captured more than 15% market share. In the future, with regard to mobile-oriented media, it is targeting not only at presenting advertisement merchandise but also at providing a total solution platform for Android terminals, starting with an advertisement platform and push notification functions for store application developers, followed by additional content, more comprehensive presentation functions, and added value for mobile users and application developers.


GENIEE, Inc. develops and presents “Geniee SSP”, which owns approximately 60 billion top-class impressions in Japan in the internet media advertisement revenue optimization platform SSP, and provides marketing support services for advertisers and their representatives. It also presents SSP, DMP, and DSP as one stop, and has great know-how as an advertisement specialist company.

With regard to development outside of Japan, since the founding of Geniee International Pte. Ltd. in 2012, it has set up subsidiaries and joint ventures in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, and it provides media revenue optimization support for approximately 2500 companies in Southeast Asia.

4. Geniee SSP

“Geniee SSP”, which is offered by GENIEE, is an advertising distribution platform that implements improved advertising revenue for media and optimization of advertising operations management. Within Japan, by cooperating with “Geniee DMP”, which is the only company that provides smart phone applications, it develops total planning services that do not just increase media revenue but also can even support new advertising product architectures.







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