Maximize the Revenue with a Leading Technology

Services for App-Developpers

Geniee uses adserve by Geniee SSP for Apps and
Geniee Apps DMP to maximize the revenue of developers
of ad-based apps and apps that place ads on ad networks.

App ad revenue maximization tool Geniee SSP for Apps

Maximizes revenue opportunities by sending ad requests preferentially to the app developer(s) expected to generate the most revenue real time.

6 Advantages of Geniee SSP for Apps

1. Real-time optimization
Automatically adjusts the appropriate allocation ratio on a regular basis.
2. Detection of empty ads
Prevents inventory shortages in order to increase fill rates.
3. Wide range of ad types
Enables monetization at various points within the app (e.g., after specific events).
4. Support for publishers' ad network accounts
Can also update and optimize reports of ad networks that publishers are directly working with.
5. Handles world wide traffic
Can also monetize world wide users.
6. Delivery of house ads
Of course, Geniee can also serve house ads.

Ad placement optimization tool Geniee DMP for App

The only tool in the world that can analyze the revenue effect from ad placements.

Enables optimization of ad placement by visualizing
the ad revenue of users acquired from the ad placement.

Advertising Revenue

Visualizes which ad network would maximize revenue for an ad placement.

Geniee DMP for Apps plans

  Free plan Paid plan
Usage based rate (MAU) Free MAU 0.6 yen -
Monthly fee (RPM) - 100,000 yen/company
Number of registered apps No restrictions No restrictions
Monthly users (MAU) Up to 300,000 MAU No restrictions
Data Public Private

Analytics function

Standard Insight
  Free plan Paid plan
Number of installations
Number of launches
Launch rate
Continuation rate
Inactive users
Monetized Insight
  Free plan Paid plan
Paying users
Billing rate
Custom Insight
  Free plan Paid plan
Coverage ×
Number of events ×
Event interaction rate ×
App graph ×
Cohort analysis ×
Funnel analysis ×

Tracking function

  Free plan Paid plan

DMP function

  Free plan Paid plan
BI tool ×
Users list ×
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