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Integrated operation service for display ads
that specializes in programmatic buying
Are you having problems using big data?
Geniee DMP allows you to integrate and manage membership data
and web viewing history, and use them in a wide range of marketing activities,
such as ad delivery, emails and LPO.

Geniee DMP

Integrated operation service for display ads that specializes in programmatic buying.

Geniee provide a one-stop solution for all operation-type ad activities, from DSP selection through analysis.

What is Trading Desk?

Do you find it complicated to manage reporting and ads when you are using multiple advertising agencies? Do you have difficulties to selecting ad technology tools? Is media planning based on data?
Geniee Trading Desk provides an integrated operation service for display ads that specializes in programmatic buying.
A professional organization that specializes in programmatic buying by using multiple cutting edge ad technologies, such as DSP and DMP, provides a one-stop menu of all activities related to operation-type ads, from DSP and DMP/MA selection to analysis, while maintaining fast PDCA rotation to ensure achievement of customer KPIs.
By visualizing user activity and allocating the advertising budget in an appropriate way, it supports the building of a digital marketing strategy and allows you to take advertising management in-house.
Geniee DMP

Integration of internal
and external data

Geniee DSP

PMP(Private Market Place)

Data Exchange

Data exchange

Geniee DMP

DMP is a data platform that stores and analyzes data from ads, marketing, media and users. It can be used in all channels.

The data exchange function allows advertisers
to buy and sell data with each other.

Provides the analytics tools for analyzing and simulating stored data.

Data Exchange

Enables the delivery of online ads and email ads using membership data and various types of medium audience data.

Geniee use the cookie information for specific media to ensure quality of the data

Case studies of support for data commodification

Support case study

Geniee and Jimoty started selling publisher trading desk-type targeted products together.
- This client can now deliver targeted ads using the user data of Jimoty's more than 4 million monthly visitors. -

Support case study

Geniee and jointly developed audience-targeting products.
Improved targeting precision using user data from's more than 100 million monthly page views.